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Smutty list.


So I did another list, with all the smut I’ve been ‘collecting’ and this time there’s gonna be a link on my page where you could find it in the future. I’m going to be adding more smut to the list. I’ll be updating more posts with new smut I’ll find and instantly I’ll be adding them here.

At the end of the list you can check my favourite smut blogs and the ones that cataloguize the fanfics by ships. In this list there’s just my favourite ones.


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"You can chill out with Louis and have a laugh. You wanna go on a crazy night out, you go out with Harry. If you want a quiet beer, you go round to Niall’s place. If you wanna go and play in the Wii or do something really normal then you go chill with Liam. There’s a nice blend. Mainly what we do is just childish things. So like, if Louis was here and there was a deodorant can he’d probably draw a penis on the window and I’d find it hilarious. Although it’s probably not to other people."

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